Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lamb and Blood

No I did not make this delicious meal...wish I was that good at gravy and sauceness.  On sunday evening, halloween, I decided to go up to my parents house to have a family dinner and watch scary movies.  My dad just invested in 20lbs of lamb that his friend raised and butchered.  We don't eat much lamb but it is nice to have variety.  This was a leg of the lamb and it was sooo amazing!  Completely infused with garlic and more.  Not to mention the gravy....oh my god the gravy.  I'm not sure my dad has ever made a gravy this good, we were all sitting at the table dousing our meat in it and trying not to drool. 

Now to the blood part of this post.  We ended up watching the movie my bloody valentine.  It was a bad movie don't watch it.  There was tons of blood which doesn't bother me but it was a little awkward to watch with my parents haha.  Anyways all in all awesome evening with motivation to have my dad teach me the ways of sauce.

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