Monday, April 11, 2011

Osso Buco with Orzo Risotto

This post is a "feature post" meaning I didn't personally make the food but I was very lucky and got to consume it!.  My father always talk about this amazing Italian restaurant in Vegas and he goes there every time he has to travel to Vegas for business.  This last time that he went there he tried something new and it was indeed Osso Buco which is originally made with veal and that is how he had it.  After this amazing meal he was determined to recreate it.  So my mom and dad both made this amazing dish, the recipe they used was from Emeril's cookbook and they also substituted the veal for a small leg of lamb.  The smell in the house when I went up for dinner was absolutely amazing like a buttery pastry meat bread, I almost started drooling on myself.  So to say the least it was absolutely amazing and helped get me through filing my taxes (soooo boring)!  It was indeed another successful Sunday night dinner at the Himes house.

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  1. Oh Yeah! Dad! The left overs today were even better!