Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mushroom Chicken Curry Soup and Becca's Bday

This soup is my go to.  It impresses, comforts, fills, warms and is damn irresistible.  I owed Becca a wonderful birthday dinner because I was unable to go to her celebration so I had to knock her socks off with this dinner.  I began the birthday dinner search by trying to find an amazing new recipe that didn't include pork or big slabs of beef.  I knew I could make chicken, fish, tofu, or full on vegetarian.  After looking at countless recipes I settled on this panko crusted tofu chunks but as I thought about it I realized I needed to create a meal that I know well, something that isn't new, something that will impress and Becca is a fellow cook so impressing pays off.  So I decided on the chicken curry mushroom soup full of onions some butter and mounds upon mounds of varying mushrooms!  I accompanied this meal with roasted broccoli and a large bottle of wine and much laughter.  Birthday dinner success!  And now she is going to make me an amazing birthday dinner, um yes please!

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