Monday, October 10, 2011

Infocamp Seattle

That is right this post is not about cooking but about an amazing "non-conference" I went to this last weekend called infocamp Seattle.  I met a lot of new people and learned a lot of interesting things, but the most interesting session that I attended was about Twitter and the ethics behind social media.  Not only was this woman scrapping data sets from twitter for information for a study she was conducting, but she brought a very interesting story to my attention that I hadn't heard of till this weekend.  It is a story that Andy Carvin (npr) helped follow and write and here is the link to the article, a very intense story and use of Twitter.  Also I am excited because I am helping with a similar data scrapping research based project at my job, and there are only a few of these research projects published.  On another note in our crazy world look who showed up to occupychicago.  And then yes there was a food portion to this weekend, but of course.  This weekend was my awesome friend Turner's birthday so we had to celebrate and what better way but to stay with his close friend who loves to cook.  So here are some pictures of food that his friend made, and of our stop at a pho place in Seattle.

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