Friday, July 24, 2015

Sharp Cheddar Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

What is everyone up to this weekend?  We are headed to Kingfisher near Mt. Hood to go camping with our neighbors.  I haven't ever been out there but there is suppose to be a very nice swimming hole and it is in the forest and that is all I care about.  It has been a very long week and nature is one of the most soothing things to me so I am excited to go out and relax.  But if we weren't camping I would be heading up to Lacy, WA for this awesome mushroom festival I just discovered.  It is called the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival and it looks amazing including: cooking demos, tasting, entertainment, farm tours, and of course selling of mushrooms.  Speaking of mushrooms do you know how to best cook with all the different varieties of mushrooms?  Here is a helpful guide that explains how to get the most out of your fav mushrooms.  As you know yesterday was national hot dog day so I felt I had to represent and make a hot dog themed dinner.  Since I don't usually eat things as processed as hot dogs I went on the hunt for some good natural hot dogs, to my surprise I found some really delicious ones (picture of package below).  These are very yummy and definitely take me back to my childhood of eating hot dogs at BBQs and baseball games.  Enjoy!

Serves 6

The Ingredients
6 hot dogs
1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese
6 slices of bacon

The Process
1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Then put a large skillet over medium-high heat.  When hot add your bacon and cook until it is cooked but still chewy and malleable so that you can easily wrap the hot dogs with it.

2.  Cut slits into hot dogs about half way through the hot dog from tip to tip.  Add cheese to each hot dog.

3.  Next take 1 piece of bacon and 1 hot dog and wrap the bacon around the hot dog securing the ends of the bacon with toothpicks so that it doesn't unravel.  Do this with all the hot dogs.

4.  When oven is preheated place hot dogs on a greased pan and place in the oven.  Cook for about 10 minutes. I served mine with a side of roasted broccoli and it was delicious.

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