Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Official Graduation

That is right, I did it, I am officially a Master of Library Science, and damn it feels good.  Of course now it is onto the job search and it has been going quite well so far.  My options are expanding as my willingness to move is becoming greater.  I am currently willing to move to L.A., Oakland, New Orleans; Chicago, and maybe New Mexico.  This gives me so many more options than many of my classmates who are staying in Portland, and while I do love Portland it is time to spread my wings and live in a big city!  Anyways, after my graduation my parents threw a little post-grad party for me and family with many amazing appetizers and the most beautiful cake in the world.  The cake was the hummingbird cake that I made for my birthday, which was pretty but not as pretty as the one in the original recipe I my mom saw this as an opportunity to make the beautiful cake for me, just like in the original recipe.  So adorable and sweet of her! My mom is great.  So once again I finally graduated that I got the prettiest cake in the world! So here is a lovely picture of what was left of the cake, and a link to the recipe one more time. Hummingbird Cake

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