Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trip to Fubonn

There are recipes that will follow this post as a result of my trip to Fubonn with my friend Elisa.  Fubonn is a very large Asian supermarket, and I love it.  I hadn't ever been so this was my first experience and for some reason we thought it was a great idea to go on a Saturday...mmmmm not so much, crowds of people tend to make me feel a little crazy, hence the photos to come.  This store has an amazing variety of foods and kitchenware, and I finally bought one of those bamboo layered steamers so that I can make hum bao!  Our original mission for the day was to go to Fubonn and get the ingredients to make hum bao, but once we started to read the recipe we realized this process was close to 6 hours because the dough has to we decided to make hum bao on a different occasion and to just go to Fubonn and explore.  Elisa loves to try all the crazy weird snacks at these stores and often times will buy several odd things for us to try, our results of good vs. bad will follow.  As for other things in the store I found a wonderful bouillon base for pho, which is awesome because making pho from scratch is a very long process, or at least the broth is.  Below are some other interesting things found in the store. P.s. the color tag reflects the amazing time we had.

                                                                Escaped Snail!




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  1. Yeh, well the report is that the "Good Good Eats" crackers were a real winner. Anyone who ate dry ramen as a kid would agree. The shrimp chips on the otherhand were not so good. Something between fish bait and funyions. SEck!