Monday, March 28, 2011

Seared Tuna and Salsa

Its a trick!  I know several of you are probably disappointed because you really thought I was going to give you my secret recipe.  This is one of those recipes that I made up and yes it is ammo as a chef and also the secret amazing recipe that keeps my friends intrigued in my cooking.  I made this for our wonderful friends Liz and Nature who put us up in their beautiful house down in the Mission in San Francisco.  Elisa and I decided last minute (right after I got home from my lovely trip to Yachats) that we had to get the hell out of Portland.  And my boss being the awesome boss that he is just let me go, so so so awesome!  Anyways the meal was a hit! They all loved it, Elisa has had it before and continues to beg me for it which of course makes me happy.  I am glad it turned out so well because I hadn't made it in over a year.  Elisa roasted some awesome asparagus and Liz made a full and nutritious salad as well. So since I won't give you the recipe I will say it is an extremely healthy meal and here are a lot of pictures so you can drool at your computer.

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